Our goal is to equip and empower our clients to make decisions, at every level, which are driven by data and evidence.

Health systems face complicated interlinking and ever-changing challenges, such as widening health inequalities, changing needs, waiting lists and workforce.

Approaching these interlinking challenges requires strong data and economics skills. We understand the complexities of the health and care landscape and tailor our advice and training to meet your unique needs.

At the Health Economics Unit, we help our clients to develop their intelligence functions capability, bolster the expertise they already have and deliver successful projects: ultimately to support them to lead and own their decision analytics. Below outlines our work in this area:

Training: Improving capabilities with active team training, development and upskilling

Continued investment in professional development is crucial to developing a workforce that is equipped to deal with the ever-evolving challenges. Our training builds, or develops existing, learning communities with interactive and fun spaces to learn, building new skills and system relationships simultaneously. Our goal for the teams we work with is to be equipped to work better together with consistent, innovative and practical knowledge to apply in their day-to-day roles.

We work with our clients to identify training needs and tailor our approach to the capability and capacity of audience, focusing on impact and application.

Advisory: Empowering through specialist expertise

Our team of experts offers best practice analytical insight and research design advise. We support our clients, enabling them to lead their projects, where our role involves providing expert guidance, recommendations, and insights to clients to help make informed decisions specific to their unique challenges.

Given our teams varied expertise, knowledge, and industry experience, we offer strategic advice in a variety of areas in population health management, data, analytics, evidence generation, health economics, project management, communications. This service allows you to ultimately make the decisions given the best knowledge. This could include using our team of experts as a sounding board to get views on approaches, ideas and plans; or confirming your work through rigorous quality assurance.