Population health analytics service

Understanding your local population and the opportunities to improve health and wellbeing

ICSs, STPs and PCNs all need to have an in-depth understanding of their local populations so that they can target interventions to improve wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, and identify the most suitable patient cohorts for interventions and innovations.

Population health analytics allows the identification of groups of people with similar health profiles or barriers to healthcare, and the evaluation of different interventions that could make a difference to their outcomes and reduce inequality. Rooted in health economics and behavioural economics, population health analytics has well-established methodologies and is regularly used by numerous organisations in the NHS and wider health sector to inform commissioning and provider decisions.

Our population health analytics service will work with you to identify patterns of health outcomes in different groups and enable you to understand the challenges and risks they face. This allows you to make informed decisions on the introduction of new interventions to the groups where the most difference can be made, delivering an equitable system where people get the care they need, how they need it. We can also train and partner with NHS analysts so they can continue this work.

Our population health analytics service includes:

  • Risk stratification and population segmentation
  • Gap and opportunity analysis
  • Impactibility assessments to ensure interventions make a difference to your population
  • Health equality impact assessments
  • Health equity impact assessments
  • Training and creating action learning sets (ALS)

In addition to other economic modelling, we can develop advanced population profiles to improve equitability whilst reducing demand on limited resources.

Learn more about the advanced techniques and technologies that underpin our work.

Our specialist services

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Evidence generation

Understanding whether new care pathways and interventions are effective, efficient, and deliver value for money

Population health management

Using allocative efficiency techniques and population health analytics to improve value and deliver the best care possible

Advanced analytics

Using advanced techniques in machine learning, data science and casual inference to understand the biggest questions in health


Sharing our vast knowledge to develop NHS capability through training, research design advice and quality assurance