23 February 2022

Data linkage: the missing link for population health management

A new ‘Guide to data linkage has been published by NHS England, aimed at anyone involved in the planning and delivery of health and care, from GP practices and secondary care to integrated care systems.

Informed by research from the Health Economics Unit, the report covers the basics of data linkage and its benefits, discusses when data linkage should and shouldn’t be used, sets out best practice, key considerations, challenges and pitfalls, and highlights examples of data linkage in action.

Data linkage allows analysts to bring together data sets and paint a detailed picture of the wellness challenges within communities, providing valuable insights for population health management.

Read more, including insights from key data linkage users in the Population and and Person Insight FutureNHS workspace.

If you are interested in working with the Health Economics Unit, or would like more information or training on data linkage, contact us here.

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