East Midlands Cancer Alliance STAR introduction and resources

Welcome to the home of the East Midlands Cancer Alliance‘s (EMCA) collaboration with the Health Economics Unit. Here you will find background information and resources about our work on reducing health inequalities, with a focus on lung and colorectal(bowel) cancers.

In this project the HEU is working with the EMCA to carry out engagement and analytics, with the following aims:

  • To assess disparities and inequalities in the screening, diagnosis and treatment of lung and colorectal cancer across the East Midlands population. 
  • To help the EMCA prioritise resources along the lung and colorectal cancer pathways respectively. 

Allocative Efficiency and the STAR method

As part of the HEU’s analysis we will be applying allocative efficiency principles to the information provided by the EMCA, particularly the Socio-technical Allocation of Resource (STAR) method. But what does this mean? You can find out more in these introductory videos previously created with the HEU, in collaboration with the Midlands Decision Support Network (MDSN).

What is allocative efficiency?

The STAR method explained