Health Economics Unit Workshop

22 March 2021

Join us for impactibility workshop

The Health Economics Unit and NHS England will host an impactibility workshop during April 2021.

Commissioned by NHS England, the workshops support the development of an ‘impactibility model‘ for use with the National Commissioning Data Repository (NCDR) dataset.

If you are an AphA Analysts member then we need your help and input at the workshop to discuss and develop the technical specification of the model.

Workshop Structure

The online workshop will take no longer than 90 minutes and the main topics of discussion include:

  • Agree consensus for the term ‘impactibility’;
  • Understand the need for an impactibility model in the NHS;
  • Understand why impactibility models have not been built, yet;
  • Understand potential challenges of building an impactibility model;
  • Complete an options appraisal of potential approaches.

As part of the project we will publish the outputs of this workshop as a scientific paper with Imperial College London. Contributors to the workshop will be named collaborators on the publication. The workshop will be recorded, and materials created will be held securely on NHS servers for 12 months following publication.

Get involved

We need your input so please don’t miss out on attending the workshop.

AphA members should contact before 31 March 2021- places are limited.


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