3 July 2024

Marching for equality at Pride in London

Inclusivity and equality are core to our ways of working at the Health Economics Unit, and we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk – quite literally last weekend, as our team members joined thousands of marchers at Pride in London. Two of our team, Garvin Taylor and Amardeep Rai, share their experiences of the day, bringing together the LGBTQ+ community and allies together in celebration…

Amardeep writes:

It was my first time attending a Pride event. I travelled down from the West Midlands to take part and support with my colleagues on the day. The meeting point was the City of Quebec pub and as soon as I arrived, I could feel the positive energy and excitement from everyone present. Seeing all the colourful and imaginative outfits, along with the happiness on people’s faces, was a joyous sight.

I met some of my colleagues and we greeted each other and shared a few drinks in the strong London sunshine while we waited for our turn to join the parade. After an hour, we began to make our way and joined the masses participating in the London Pride parade. The colour, excitement and passion among everyone in attendance was overwhelming.

From people dancing with joy on top of buses, representing their organisations, to those on foot, full of heart and soul, I have never felt so united. It truly felt like one huge movement. Hearing the cheers and ‘woos’ from people on the sides cheering us on, I am thankful for the opportunity to experience, support and take part in an occasion that opens its arms to all and brings everyone together as one.

Garvin writes:

There is a saying “Everybody love a party “ and on sunny Saturday, London hosted a massive inclusive party where ML and HEU people were on the VIP guestlist . The theme of the parade was “We are everywhere” and the team definitely did the NHS proud by dressing to impress in rainbow colours. The team smiled and waved to over a million cheering spectators as they march along Piccadilly Circus, past Nelson Column at Trafalgar Square and finished elated near Whitehall.

Thanks to the EDI LGBTQ+ network for making this truly inclusive day happen and ensuring that there were definitely no party poopers involved.

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