Population Health Management training for analysts

Population Health Management (PHM) helps complex healthcare systems gain an in-depth understanding of their local populations so that they can target interventions to improve wellbeing, reduce health inequalities, and identify the most suitable patient cohorts for interventions and innovations.

Effective PHM includes many valuable advanced analytical including Risk Stratification, Impactibility and Data Linkage. The Health Economics Unit has developed an in-depth and effective training programme to take analysts from complete PHM beginners to competent practitioners, providing everything you need to not only apply PHM techniques, but also to effectively advocate these important practices within your system.

Below is an example curriculum for our PHM for Analysts course, including links to videos of the training we previously delivered, in collaboration with the Midlands Decision Support Network:


Example video

Basic Introduction to PHM https://youtu.be/ZUBbGwi3gOc
How systems work together https://youtu.be/dfww4okIrPM
Introduction to R for PHM https://youtu.be/5rSiRUYzscw
Introduction to Statistics for PHM https://youtu.be/ArwSgWagi6I
Understanding population segmentation for your local population https://youtu.be/4LrA4Ha7-hA
Doing population segmentation for your local population https://youtu.be/azUYucmDie8
Understanding risk prediction and stratification for your local population https://youtu.be/9ncmGF2Dpt8
Doing risk prediction and stratification for your local population https://youtu.be/dtVKKyEz1bc
Understanding impactibility for your local population https://youtu.be/j7I2pNBh7SI
Doing causal inference for impactibility assessments for your local population https://youtu.be/u9hAmilHOig
Closing the PHM cycle: An introduction to Evaluation https://youtu.be/1rQX8i75j7U
Inequality in Health and Health Care https://youtu.be/YL9zx6TDTMc
(Part 1) An Introduction to Health Economics and Economic Evaluation in Health Care https://youtu.be/lQwbrxnwNNM
Part 2 https://youtu.be/NYQmKu95d64
Critical Appraisal of Published Economic Evaluations https://youtu.be/IpAngApJR9w
Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation https://youtu.be/Yccs7YwI6No


If you’re a healthcare manager who wants to better understand Population Health Management without getting into the technical analytical details, we also offer a shorter course, introducing you to PHM and the benefits it can offer your organisation.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in us running training for your organisation, contact us here