Dr Wayne Smith

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Dr Wayne Smith

With a PhD in health economics, Wayne leads the team on evaluating new models of care, medicines and devices such as digital health apps/devices’ risk algorithms. This includes psychometric testing of existing outcomes, and full economic evaluations including budget impact analyses, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses.

Wayne works collaboratively and in an advisory capacity with NHS England and other organisations on national projects. He has 16 years’ clinical experience in the NHS, including as a senior health advisor, and is an expert in the development of outcome measures for use in economic evaluations.

Wayne is Chief of Health Economics and Outcomes Research at the Health Economics Unit.

Our specialist services

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Evaluation service

Understanding whether new care pathways and interventions are effective, efficient, and deliver value for money is vital.

Economic evaluations

Inform your decision-making by quantifying the expected health benefits and costs related to alternative options.

Demand and capacity modelling

Understand pathways and how different elements come together, assess and explain current service levels and variations in demand.

Population health analytics

Identify patterns of health outcomes in different groups and understand the challenges and risks they face.