Meet the team

We are passionate about doing great things together. And we like solving your problems.

We are a team of specialist economists, econometricians, and analysts with extensive experience within the NHS and industry.

Our experience means we can develop models and evaluations, and generate evidence from integrated, real-world datasets to inform complex health decisions.

We are Andi, Wayne, Julia, Heather, Tim, Rukiye, Matt, Tom, Lisa, Santosh, Patrick, Joseph, Jack, Amardeep, Rayne, Luca, William, Garvin, Sophie, Anna, Rayne, Libby and David.

Our specialist services

This is a small selection of all the solutions we can provide.

Evaluation service

Understanding whether new care pathways and interventions are effective, efficient, and deliver value for money is vital.

Economic evaluations

Inform your decision-making by quantifying the expected health benefits and costs related to alternative options.

Demand and capacity modelling

Understand pathways and how different elements come together, assess and explain current service levels and variations in demand.

Population health analytics

Identify patterns of health outcomes in different groups and understand the challenges and risks they face.