Phil Bucknall

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Phil Bucknall

Phil Bucknall is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience bringing cutting-edge technologies to the NHS. He’s our Senior Consultant and is a master of project management, pathway development, and new product launches, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of enhancing patient outcomes!

Phil’s previous role included working on the frontlines of NHS procurement, with NHS Trusts and integrated care systems (ICSs), leading the charge to deliver top-notch orthopaedic services to local populations, services that are both efficient and effective.

With a science background and a razor-sharp analytical mind, Phil is driven by his passion for improving patient outcomes. He uses data and evidence as his guiding light, ensuring healthcare interventions provide maximum benefit to the most people at the best value.

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Evidence generation

Understanding whether new care pathways and interventions are effective, efficient, and deliver value for money

Population health management

Using allocative efficiency techniques and population health analytics to improve value and deliver the best care possible

Advanced analytics

Using advanced techniques in machine learning, data science and casual inference to understand the biggest questions in health


Sharing our vast knowledge to develop NHS capability through training, research design advice and quality assurance